Tom Moseley with the National Silver Medallion

At the recent virtual Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors for Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County, Mr. Thomas A. Moseley, Esq. was recognized with the presentation of the National Silver Medallion from Boys & Girls Clubs of America. This prestigious award is given to board members and other volunteers who have provided outstanding and exemplary service to a Boys & Girls Club and to the Movement in a specific area or region. Mr. Moseley has been involved with the Manatee County Clubs since 1982, serving on numerous boards and committees over the years.

Some of Moseley’s accomplishments include co-founding the Foundation for Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County and serving on both the statewide Area Council for Boys & Girls Clubs and the Florida Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs. Under his leadership as President with the Florida Alliance, he was instrumental in overseeing legislative efforts in securing over $24 million in funding for Clubs across the state. During his time with the Florida Alliance board, more than $64 million has been secured to assist youth to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

In addition to raising significant revenues for the mission of the Clubs at a statewide level, Tom has been an advocate and champion at a local level. Some of his endeavors include chairing fundraising events, leading the Endowment Committee to establish a Legacy Club for planned giving purposes, raising funds to establish teen programs at several Club locations, and coaching baseball for several years.

“Mr. Moseley’s leadership and dedication has been an essential part of the success of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County. His additional support at a state level has had a tremendous impact in our ability to serve those who need us most,” said Dawn Stanhope, President & CEO. “We are very pleased to be able to celebrate Tom’s efforts with national recognition.”

The response to this surprise recognition was both moving and inspiring. Tom Moseley shared his appreciation for being recognized, noting he has met some of his best friends through his involvement with Boys & Girls Clubs and received, in return, much more than he has given in the various roles he has played over the years. He also stated, “I am proud to be involved in this Movement, as it truly is a collective group where everyone is moving in the same direction to improve the lives of youth.”


Last week, we held our annual meeting with staff and board members. We celebrated accomplishments, thanked outgoing board members, welcomed incoming board members, witnessed the swearing in of our corporate board officers and were inspired by mission moments shared by a few of our Club Directors. During the swearing in ceremony, Ken Thomas raised his right hand to, once again, accept the role of Corporate Board Chair in 2018.

We recalled when Ken shared his experience after attending Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s National conference in the spring. In the 2017 summer edition of our newsletter he wrote:

In May, I had the wonderful experience of attending the 2017 Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Conference in Dallas, along with my wife, Sharon. It was overwhelming to see so many BGCA volunteers, professionals and kids from all over the country. We were all there to learn, celebrate achievements and, yes, have some fun. If you ever get a chance to attend one of the national or regional conferences, be prepared to be inspired!

One of the highlights was the induction of alumni into the BGCA Alumni Hall of Fame. It was inspiring to hear how the Clubs transformed the lives of scientists, doctors, professional athletes and actors. They all had amazing stories of overcoming adversity to achieve amazing things in their professional and personal lives. Triple H, a professional wrestler, even theorized that because of the transformation through involvement in the Clubs, BGCA alumni will one day, not just solve problems with education or poverty, but will actually save the world from impending doom from meteors that are targeting Earth!

I learned how other local Boys & Girls Clubs’ boards operate, what are considered to be best practices and where to get resources for board members. I also learned about the power of a story and heard many moving stories. The Regional and National Youth of the Year representatives were impressive and motivating as they shared their stories. Overall, it reinforced that what we do matters and lives can be transformed in the process.
It was an amazing experience!

Help transform lives. Get Involved. Donate. Volunteer.

MANATEE COUNTY, FL – Elizabeth Moore’s involvement with the Boys & Girls Clubs began long before becoming a board member for the Foundation for Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County. Prior to 2007, the Moore family lived in the Boston area, where Elizabeth was first introduced to the Clubs by the Kraft family, one of many prominent Bostonian names involved with Boys & Girls Clubs .

“The first project I helped with was building a gym for the Club in Chelsea,” said Elizabeth. “After being in school all day, the kids needed a place to have fun and burn off energy.”

Elizabeth served on the board of directors for Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston for over ten years. During that time, one of the other things she enjoyed was serving on a development committee to provide better nutrition for the Club members.

Philanthropy is firmly established in the Boston area. That’s where the Moore family’s charitable enthusiasm originated. Along with Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, the Moore family gave their support to area institutions such as the Boston Symphony, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science, Peabody Essex Museum and various independent schools and colleges. Elizabeth currently serves on the board of trustees for the Museum of Science in Boston.

When the Moore family moved to Bradenton in 2007 they brought their philanthropic spirit with them. Elizabeth soon joined the board of Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School, where she led the charge for the world-class Moore Athletic Complex at Turner Fields and the Marine Science Center.

Then, with a recommendation from her friend, Hugh Miller, owner of Pier 22 and one of our foundation board members, Elizabeth joined the board of directors of the Foundation for Boys & Girls Clubs of Manatee County.

“With my experience with the Clubs in Boston, it made sense to become involved in Manatee County,” said Elizabeth.

When asked what made her want to get involved with the Clubs, Elizabeth replied, “The importance of providing a place for kids to belong, feel ownership and have good role models.” She also shared that, both in Boston and in Manatee County, she heard Club kids say, “The Boys & Girls Club has saved my life!”

Recently, Elizabeth joined the board of Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. Marine Science is one of her passions, which she shares with her daughter, Merry. She is supporting the new Mote Coral Reef Restoration Lab in Summerland Key. She and Merry literally dove right in with scientists to help restore reefs. Dr. Michael P. Crosby, President and CEO of Mote, described Elizabeth as the “ideal board member” because of her enthusiasm, influence and generosity.

It is because of her enthusiastic support of these local organizations and beyond, that Elizabeth Moore received the Spirit of Manatee Special Recognition Award in March. We are proud of her and thrilled to have her as a member of our leadership.